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Machine Tool Spindle

DATE: 2022.12.15     VIEW: 270

What are Machine Tool Spindles?


The spindle is one of the key mechanical elements in machining centres, and milling, drilling, and other machine tools meant for chip removal. 


The spindle is a high-performance element that works with high torque at low speed for milling activities. It can also work at low torque and high speed when required for drilling with smaller tools. Spindles are made of high-strength steel to be mounted on bearings and radials, which are very precise in size and structure. Machine tool spindles have jaws that allow them to hold the cutting tool. They use hydraulic drives in most cases and have multiple configurations. Some machine tool spindles are kept in a solid box or a box-like casing. 


Specifications of Machine Tool Spindles


Selecting machine tool spindles requires a study of performance specifications, tool mounting and features of the spindle. Specifications include:

● Operating speed

● Spindle power

● Maximum torque

● Input voltage


The outer and inner diameters are typically measured in English units such as inches or metric units like centimetres. The size of the interface is equal to the diameter of the cutting tool or the grinding wheel to which the spindle is attached. 

Examples of machine tool spindles are standard, threaded, collets, and tapers. Some machine tool spindles include additional features such as air purging or automatic balancing when considering features. Others offer high-frequency drives that are cooled by liquid for better heat dissipation. Machine tool spindles that can execute axial, linear or compound movements are also used in certain operations. Spindles with encoders provide feedback about the speed and position. 




Machine tool spindles are used for several purposes. Some of these are mentioned below:

1. Grinding spindles are operated with grinding wheels to achieve precision, size and surface finish. 

2. Drilling spindles provide better thrust capacity and radial load ratings.

3. Boring spindles are used in the adjustment of internal diameters. 

4. Wheel dressing spindles are suitable for dressing or contouring rough grinding wheels.

5. Tapping spindles are used with taps for making internal threads. 

6. Tuning spindles are designed for turning centres or horizontal and vertical lathes. 


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