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Water Cooled Spindle Motor

As one leading producer of CNC Spindle Motor in China, WHD has over 20 years’ experience in producing and selling Water Cooled Spindle Motor,for kinds of CNC applications areas.

By now, our spindle motors have been exported to USA, Europe,Brazil, India, Russia etc. all over the world.

Looking forward to cooperating with you soon.

Water Cooled Spindle Motor 5.5kw

Model STZ125-5.5Z
Power 5.5kW
Diameter φ125mm
Speed 24000rpm
Voltage 380V
Current 14.5A
Frequency 400Hz
Joint of nose ER25(φ3.175-φ16)
Collet nut 3.175mm,6mm,12.7mm
Cool Water cooling
Lub Grease
Brand WHD or OEM
Phase 3
Torque 1.95Nm
Thermal class F
Protection class IP54
Weight 23.4KG
Water Cooled Spindle Motor More Specifications: 

Type No.

Product Data

Joint of Nose


0.8 kw, 220V, 400 Hz, 24000 RPM

ER 11


1.5 kw, 220V, 400 Hz, 24000 RPM

ER 11/16


2.2 kw, 220V/380V400 Hz, 24000 RPM

ER 20


3.2 kw, 220V/380V400 Hz, 24000 RPM

ER 20


3.7 kw, 220V/380V400 Hz, 24000 RPM

ER 20


4.5 kw, 220V/380V400 Hz, 24000 RPM

ER 25


5.5 kw, 220V/380V400 Hz, 24000 RPM

ER 25/32


6.0 kw, 220V/380V,400 Hz, 24000 RPM

ER 25/32


7.5 kw, 380V400 Hz, 24000 RPM

ER 32/40

Usually 5.5 kw, 6.0 kw, 7.5kw CNC Water Spindle can be highly used for engraving on natural stones, glasses, and ceramics. 

To meet different requirements of our customers, WHD is trying best to supply Spindle Motor with Special Parts, like Water Spindle Motor 5.5 Kw with Collets ER32 instead of ER25, 7.5 Kw with Collets ER40 instead of ER32 etc.

Customers’ demand is always put first by WHD.


· Woodworking

· Plastic Acrylic

· Stone

Additional Information:

· Payment Terms: T/T

· Port of loading: Shanghai,China

· Package: Foam Box in Carton Box with Strong Strips across Carton Box.

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