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Air Cooled Spindle Motor

WHD supplies kinds of High Speed Air Cooled Spindle Motor for CNC engraving and CNC wood routing,including Round CNC Spindle Motor, Square CNC Spindle Motor, CNC Spindle Motor with Flange, for your any applications of routing and engraving.

With over 20 years’ experience of producing and selling spindle motors, WHD spindle motors have been exported to USA, Europe,Brazil, India, Russia etc. all over the world.

Looking forward to cooperating with you soon.

Spindle Motor 4.5kw with Electric Fan 
Model STF60-103-4.5D
Power 4.5kW
Speed 18000rpm
Voltage 380V/220V
Current 9.2A/15.3A
Frequency 300Hz
Joint of nose ER32(φ3.175-φ20)
Collet nut 3.175mm,6mm,12.7mm,20mm
Cool Air Cooling
Lub Grease


Phase 3
Torque 2.27Nm
Thermal class F
Protection class IP50
Weight 12.5KG

Air Cooled Spindle Motor with Electric Fan 

More Specifications: 

Type No.

Product Data

Joint of Nose


4.5 kw, 220V/380V300 Hz, 18000 RPM
without Flange

ER 32


6.0 kw, 220V/380V, 300 Hz, 18000 RPM
without Flange

ER 32


4.5 kw, 220V/380V, 300 Hz, 18000 RPM   with Flange

ER 32


6.0 kw, 220V/380V, 300 Hz, 18000 RPM    with Flange

ER 32

Character: Low noise & Low temperature rising.


· Woodworking

· Plastic Acrylic

Additional Information:

· Payment Terms: T/T

· Port of loading: Shanghai,China

· Package: Foam Box in Carton Box with Strong Strips across Carton Box.

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